Hi, I ‘am Eva!

I started Exinez – Cook Time in mid this year, this was my first step to grow my online business and take it to the whole new level.

I am a home cook just like many other’s out there.I started gaining interest in cooking when I was in my early teens by looking at my Mum create some amazing meals for the family. At first I started to help her in the kitchen with chopping and cutting, but as time went by I developed more interest in cooking. I wanted to take this as a serious profession, as I had seen many people doing great in this field and cooking is my passion.

We all know,”Life happens.” I had no other choice then taking up a job in Hotel Industry, where I worked at the Front of the House as an Associate. Working in a big “Five star” property, there were plenty opportunities to build my career there, but I knew I was missing on something,I always wanted to achieve.I would watch Chef’s in the kitchen area and envy them.Since I didn’t have Diploma or degree in cooking, I couldn’t get that job.


It was time that I don’t hold back on things which will make me happy.So I started my youtube channel to give a go. Initially it was difficult to reach out to people and I was unsure of what to do next to highlight my talent.After a lot of effort and struggles, I finally made my way into the hearts of people, who are my family on my Youtube platform.I’am glad that I didn’t give up.

                                       –Winston Churchill

My Mission

Exinez – Cook Time is all about delicious cooking both quick and easy.Explore the best recipes from my kitchen. I explain in a very simple way, how to cook your favourite dishes.

My aim is to share the best dishes and my ultimate goal is to convey emotions through food. Here you will find recipes for food lovers who have a busy schedule and are always on the go- They can be prepared in just 30 minutes where cooking is made easy and  recipes are simple to follow.

Cooking food is all about bringing people together. I’am passionate about food and it gives me immense pleasure to share my recipes.

My Vision

Whether you are looking for simple and easy recipes or want some assistance to take your dishes to the whole new level, then here’s a great collection of one of the best Indian recipes, an inspiration to cook your next meal and enjoy it with your loved ones.”Cooking is all about people.

Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people eat together. -GUY FIERI

A little more about me

Born and brought up in Goa, a small and beautiful state in Western India with  coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. A popular holiday destination for many, known for various beaches, churches and tropical spice plantations.I like to explore various places and different cultures. Few years back I moved to the UK for a change,I do like it here, but I still miss my “Beautiful Goa” where I visit once in every year.


Things you may not know about me:

I like history because it is so  interesting to know about people’s way of living in the past and during my spare time i like to watch documentaries based on archaeology. I have done fashion designing course too.I like to plan thing’s well in advance and I have a  day planner/calendar where I plan out my entire day.I love watching Bollywood movies, but I don’t get to watch as much.