Goan Chana Doce.

Goan Chana Doce.

Doce is a mainly prepared for Goan Catholic weddings.It is also made during Christmas as part of Kuswar (Christmas goodies) It takes a lot of effort to make this delicious recipe with intense stirring, but the end result is simply sweet. Make this Doce for this festive season and enjoy the goodness.

Chana Doce is a sweet dish made with bengal gram (chana dal) which is soaked in water, at least for six to eight hours before boiling and grinding into a smooth paste, thereafter mixing with freshly grated coconut ground paste, adding sugar and cardamom powder, is cooked by stirring consistently.

Doce is usually prepared for Goan Catholic weddings in a large quantity in huge pots. The pots are kept on large fire, which are lit by burning wood. This Doce takes intense amount of stirring where women take turns to stir. Big paddle spoons are used to stir.It  takes hours to cook, but it’s worth the time and effort. Doce is also prepared during Christmas as part of Christmas goodies  platter also known as Kuswar which is prepared during the festive season.

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Goan Chana Doce Recipe – Video

Goan Doce is also known as Doce De Grao – A Portuguese word. Doce means Sweet and Grao means Grain. No occasion is complete without a sweet dish or dessert, so try this melt in the mouth recipe, don’t wait for any occasion, prepare and enjoy whenever you wish.

How to make Goan Chana Doce.

Soak Time : 8 hours

Prep Time : 40 Minutes

Cook Time : 60 Minutes

Goan Chana Doce Recipe step by step with photos.


  • Coconut (freshly grated) – 3 Cups (300 grams)

  • Chana dal -2 Cups (340 grams) (Soaked in water)

  • Water – 3 Cups (750 ml) (to cook chana dal) 

  • Sugar – 2 Cups (400 gms)

  • Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

  • Clarified butter (ghee) – 2 tbsp

  • Rice flour for dusting

  •  Salt – 3 to 4 pinches



1. Soak bengal gram (chana dal) in water overnight or at least for six to eight hours.

2. Transfer the channa dal in a pressure cooker, add water and three to four pinches of salt.

3. Pressure cook the chana dal, take it off the heat after three whistles and drain the dal completely.

4. Grind the chana dal into a smooth paste and keep aside.Do not add was while making paste.

5. Without adding water, grind freshly grated coconut into fine paste and keep aside.

6. Transfer chana dal paste, ground coconut paste and sugar in a heavy bottom pan to combine together.

7. Mix it well and keep it on a medium heat to cook.

8. Add Cardamom powder when the texture changes and keep stirring continuously.

9. Once it starts to leave the sides of the pan add ghee (clarified butter) and keep stirring.

10. Reduce the heat to low, when it starts to solidify.Touch to check if it’s done. If it doesn’t stick to the palm of your hands, which means the doce is ready.Take off the heat.

11. Transfer some in a bowl to give it a dome shape. It’s entirely your choice, how you want to shape it. Read the whole article to see more options.

12. Transfer the remaining on to a clean surface, dusted with rice flour. Roll it evenly and make some design on the top with a fork as shown in the picture. Leave it for five to six hours before cutting.


13. Cut into desired shapes and sizes.

14. Now un mould the doce which was put in the round mould and smooth it out with a parchment paper.

15. Cut the dome shape Doce into desired pieces and serve.



  • The cooking time will increase, if water is added while grinding the pastes, so avoid water.

  • Cooking chana dal in a pressure cooker will reduce the cooking time.

  • Use heavy bottom pan for preparing Doce because of continuous  stirring.


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