How to make Goan Vonn/Soji Recipe.

How to make Goan Vonn/Soji Recipe.

Vonn/Soji is a traditional Goan sweet dish recipe made with split bengal gram (channa dal) jaggery, flour, coconut milk, cardamom powder, cashew nuts. I have used whole rice flour for this Vonn/Soji recipe.

Vonn/Soji is made mostly for Sao Joao and on Palm Sunday also known as Passion Sunday which marks the beginning of Holy week (the Sunday before Easter Sunday) Vonn/Soji is also known as Kazarachi dal in Goa (India) which is prepared for family lunch just before the Catholic wedding.

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Goan Vonn/Soji – Video

I have used Sugarcane jaggery in this recipe, but you can use a mixture of both sugarcane and palm jaggery (use half of each in quantity) I have used cashew nuts, but you can use any kind of dry fruits you prefer. Having said that using dry fruits is optional.


How to make Goan Vonn/Soji Recipe

Prep time : 15 mins 

Cook time : 25 mins 

Total time : 40 mins

Goan Vonn/Soji step by step recipe with photos.


  • Half cup split bengal gram/channa dal (90 gms)

  • Half cup Rice flour (80 gms)

  • One cup jaggery (250 gms)

  • Coconut milk (450 ml)

  • Cashew nuts – 20 (broken)

  • Half tsp Cardamom powder

  • Salt as per taste


1. Soak Chana dal in water for at least 4 hours.

2. Pour 4 cups of water in a pan, add soaked chana dal & a pinch of salt and boil until it’s nice and soft.

3. In a bowl take rice flour and mix it with 2 cups of cold water to make rice flour slurry.

4. Add the rice flour slurry in a thick bottom pan and stir for 2 minutes on a low flame and then add jaggery and stir consistently till the the jaggery dissolves.

5. Add cooked chana dal, cashew nuts and mix.

6. Add coconut milk, salt and cardamom powder and mix well. Keep stirring consistently so no lumps are formed.

7. Put off the flame when the consistency is semi thick. The Vonn/Soji is ready.

8. Serve it warm or chilled.

Vonn Soji recipe



  • Don’t overcook the dal.

  • Do not use warm water while preparing the rice flour slurry or else there will be lumps formed in the mixture.

  • Consistency of the Vonn/Soji is entirely your choice, some like it semi thick and some like it thick. I prefer to keep it semi thick.


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